How To Appreciate A Quality Movie

With the fast living pace of modern society, more and more people feel that they need to find a better way to relax. Watching movies is a good way to relax and enjoy life. To appreciate a movie you must ask two basic questions:

                               How movies express meanings, and how we understand those meanings. 

                 Viewers are free to interpret and derive meaning from films in their own fashion. Film is comprehensible, accessible, and enjoyable to audiences because it builds on an elaborate series of close similarities between the means used to represent a world on screen and the spectator's own familiar habits of perception and social understanding.  It's not necessary that u should watch a art film to know about movie appreciation, u could choose any good one from ur favorite genre and look through various aspects of filmmaking.

We all can't have same opinion over a movie, because we apply to the screen, judgments about people we derived from our social experience. But instead of merely following the story line, check out the contributing elements that make a good film superior to others.
1. Plot   

2. Actors
             A good performer will bring his or her role to life That may mean studying the role ahead of time rather than just learning the lines. 

3. Tensions
               Even love stories need  threats, or deceit to keep us interested in the plot. The next time you watch a film, see if you can find several types of conflict that help to move the plot forward. Films thrive on it; audiences love it. 
4. Cinematography
                      Photography, scene set-ups, backdrops, and locations add artistic and aesthetic value to a film. A professional photographer and expert camera hands can turn even a mediocre plot into an eligible movie.

5. Theme Music
                    A string of songs from a particular time period or music style may embellish the acting to add a powerful element of beat and rhythm.


Director And Producer

                           These people, are responsible for choosing actors, approving the script, and coordinating all the production elements like camera shots, scene speeches, and action sequences as well as special effects, if any. Without these persons, there would be no film.

              Watching a movie can be fun and relaxing. Paying attention to the contributing elements can enrich the viewing experience. Look for some of them in the film you see; your viewing experience will never be the same!


Veera said...

Interesting and Insightful article , With this intellectual frame-work if people start watching movies , Directors and Actors are forced to make Quality movies. Great work Arun .

Mansi said...

The post completely justifies the title of your blog ;)

keep it going.


Arun said...

Thanks for ur appreciation, Mansi