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                             I am Arun Kumar. I am just a simple guy (with a boring cubicle job), who finds solace in exploring the wonders withheld by the universe of literature and cinema. I try my best to convey the thoughts that washes over me when watching different works of cinema. I believe in the transformative power of the cinematic art. I believe that the great masters of cinema have sculpted my thoughts to be a better human being. 

                             I hope that despite my meandering writing style (and not-so-good articulation) you were able to discover some important works of cinema from reading these blog posts. I’d like to be a film scholar or a really good movie analyst one day. 

Five Years of Blogging 

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Petra_ CiCi50 said...

Hallo Arun Kumar ...
While I think you did a passable job in regard to addressing the social impact of this movie, you sadly neglected to truly find out anything about the Male Lead Gong Yoo ...
Not only did you not address your disparaging remarks at "Gong Yoo" - instead, you mentioned him as "Kang" (which is the family name / surname of the ROLE Gong Yoo played in the movie Dogani (Silenced) - you ought to have at least written the full name on that. You don't seem to be clear during your whole blog as to which name applies, referring to the character as "Gong Yoo" rather than Kang In-Ho.

Not only did you disparage Gong Yoo's contribution to the movie itself - you also did not do your homework in regard to Gong Yoo. He was actually a catalyst in getting this movie produced in the first place. Perhaps, you ought to consider watching the Interview dealing largely with this movie ....
and re-writing your blog so it actually reflects Gong Yoo's contribution to the social changes this movie brought about.
Gong Yoo is much more than your dismissive description of "Kang In-ho as the protagonist isn’t exceptional, but rightly conveys the emptiness through his eyes. It is surprising to see Kang taking a role in a very serious film, whose career is punctuated by romance and comedy movies."
Do you even have a clue that VERY few actors are indeed CAPABLE of "conveying emptiness through their eyes" ??? Seeing that you wrote your blog in 2014, you also should have been aware of the fact that Gong Yoo has appeared in movies that prove he is much more than someone "whose career is punctuated by romance and comedy movies" ...
Seeing that this movie has had such a major social impact on Korean Society, your dismissive blog does nothing to help younger generations understand the actual significance of it.

Thank You,