Snowtown -- Disturbing Contemplation of Evil

The Gatekeepers -- Unnerving Political Commentary

World War Z -- A Zombie Flick with Pulse-Pounding Set-Pieces

Alain Resnais' "Hiroshima Mon Amour" -- A Brief Analysis

Chasing Ice -- A Dire Visual Message

Man of Steel -- CGI Overkill

Explosion of Korean Genre Cinema

The Place Beyond The Pines -- A Tale of Redemption Among Fathers and Sons

Stoker -- Metaphysical Horror with Lingering Imagery

In Darkness - Life On The Brink Of Death

Shadow Dancer -- A Slow-Burning, Downbeat Thriller

Godard's "Pierrot Goes Wild" -- A Brief Analysis

Tokyo Sonata -- A Multi-layered Film about Financial Crisis and Social Alienation