Masters of Cinema : Martin Scorsese

                                                                           The most renowned filmmaker of this era, Martin Scorsese virtually defined the state of modern American cinema. A masterful storyteller and visual stylist who lived and breathed movies. Working well outside of the mainstream, Scorsese nevertheless emerged as a towering figure throughout the industry, achieving the kind of fame and universal recognition typically reserved for more commercially successful talents. 

                                                                        A tireless supporter of film preservation, Scorsese has worked to bridge the gap between cinema's history and future like no other director. 

  • Raised in a  Catholic environment, he initially studied to become a priest. 
  •  Was voted the 4th greatest director of all time by Entertainment Weekly, making him the only living person in the top 5 and the only working film director in the top 10

  • Directed 17 different actors in Oscar nominated performances.
  • Listed as one of 50 people barred from entering Tibet. He clashed with Chinese officials over the film Kundun (Dalai-lama Biopic), which Scorsese directed. 
  • Scorsese draws his own storyboards for his films.

  • Ranked #3 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Greatest directors ever!"
  • Martin Scorsese is the founder of The Film Foundation. It is dedicated to protecting motion pictures and the rights of the artists who create them, educating the public about the importance of film preservation, and raising the necessary funds to save the endangered cinematic treasures of the 20th Century. 
    • "It seems to me that any sensible person must see that violence does not change the world and if it does, then only temporarily."
    • [onstage at the 2007 Oscars after winning for Best Director] "Could you double-check the envelope . . . ?"
    • "Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our life time, we need to keep them alive."
    • "Film is history. With every foot of film that is lost, we lose a link to our culture, to the world around us, to each other and to ourselves. "

    Movie Car Chases

                                                                       Nothing gets a guy’s attention faster than a car chase. Who can resist the incredible speeds, awesome destruction and raw adrenaline that accompany such sequences? It’s consequently not surprising to note that some of the most memorable pursuits in cinematic history have been infused with a palpable sense of danger and recklessness.

                                                                       Car chases in the movies aren’t what they used to be. Computer-generated effects tend to kill suspense and surprise and turn the experience into something as artificial as a video game.The golden age of car chase movies arrived in the late 1960s/early 1970s, when filmmakers played a ruthlessly competitive game with daredevil stunt work and car demolition.
                                                                      While there’s certainly no shortage of amazing sequences to choose from, I have managed to narrow the field down to most original and thrilling  car chases that’ll leave even the most viewer breathless.


    One of the screen's all-time best car chase sequences (at up to 110 miles per hour) was a 10-minute sequence filmed with hand-held cameras up and down the narrow, hilly streets of San Francisco as police lieutenant Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen) chased after criminals in his car through hazardous intersections.

    The French Connection (1971)

    This film has probably the most intense chase sequence ever filmed - it was an incredible, hair-raising scene of unbelievable car-chasing.Detective drives 90 mph in pursuit of a suspected drug dealer. 

    The Terminator (1984)

    The science-fiction classic that made a star of Arnold Schwarzenegger is essentially one long chase sequence, with the star playing a terrifying robot with murder on its mind. Director James Cameron expertly sustains it without revealing the low-budget origins of the picture.

    Raiders of Lost Ark (1981)

    The most classic of the chase scenes was a desert chase scene in which Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) raced after a speeding truck by mounting a horse and overtaking the vehicle.


    The Bourne Identity (2002)

    The Bourne Identity casts Matt Damon as Jason Bourne -- an amnesiac who embarks on a quest to discover his true identity. Jason’s mission takes him to Paris, where he quickly runs with the local police and is forced to evade their pursuit.
    The ensuing chase follows Jason as he takes through some exceedingly tight passageways and side streets.

     To some, the inclusion of a car chase might seem like cheap filler in a bad movie, but above mentioned films are quality ones.These are just few examples of good, old-fashioned car chase, devoid of any computer driven special effects.

    Children of Heaven - Innocence of Childhood

                                                            How often do we see something like Children of Heaven: an engaging movie about simple people living simple (yet fulfilling) lives? There are no explosions, no guns, no fight scenes, no car chases, and no eye-popping special effects. 

                                                          None of these things has a place in writer/director Majid Majidi's story about how a poor Iranian family copes with the financial difficulties of their day-to-day existence, and, despite the apparent obstacles, remains a happy and loving group. Sound boring? Perhaps on paper, but, on the screen, it makes for an enjoyable 90 minutes because the characters are vivid and sympathetic, and because Majidi's keen view of the human condition is universal.

                                                        Children of Heaven opens in the poor quarter of an Iranian city. A 9-year old boy Ali,  going home with his sister's worn, pink shoes, which he has just taken to a cobbler for repairs. On the way, he stops at a fruit and vegetable stand to buy some potatoes. He puts the shoes down, and, while he's sorting through a bin, a rag picker mistakenly takes the shoes. When Ali arrives home empty-handed, his 7-year old sister, Zahra, is in tears. What will she wear to school?

                                                        Ali has a solution. She goes to school in the morning; he attends in the afternoon. They can share a pair of shoes. Once her day is done, she can rush home and give the shoes to him. Unfortunately, there's not enough time for the swap, and Ali arrives late to his first class. Meanwhile, on a day off, he accompanies his father to the city's wealthy section in search of work as a gardener-work that will pay enough to give the family a little extra money. And, at school, Ali discovers a possible solution to the shoe dilemma. Third place in a foot race is a pair of new shoes. All Ali has to do is beat out several hundred children and lose to only two, and his sister will be happy. The race and its outcome will be as exciting for many kids as anything they've seen at the movies.

                                                             Children of Heaven lacks the pessimism and smart-mouth attitudes of the entertainment for kids and glows with a kind of good-hearted purity. To see this movie is to be reminded of a time when the children in movies were children and not miniature stand-up comics. Those anticipating something totally different (louder or more melodramatic, for example) may be displeased by Children of Heaven's uncomplicated pleasures.

                                                ``Children of Heaven'' is about a home without unhappiness. About a brother and sister who love one another, instead of fighting. About situations any child can identify with. In this film from Iran, you can find a sweetness and innocence that shames the Power Rangers and violent video games. Why do we teach the kids to see through things, before they even learn to see them?


    Children of Heaven- Imdb 

    Movie Quotes

                                                                 When it comes to a philosophy, in recent years, some of the greatest wisdom has come from movie quotes. Sometimes we are out of words to express our feelings. Or we need some inspirational words to motivate us in our everyday struggle. This is where Famous Movie quotes come with help.

                                                                     Thanks to the screen-writers who have provided generations of movie-goers with such memorable movie quotes. These words are remembered through popular use, critical acclaim, and for many other reasons.

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

    Good Will Hunting 
    "Some people can't believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first."

     Big Fish
    "They say, when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that's true. What they don't tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up."

    “The more difficult something is, the more rewarding it is in the end.”

    The Dark Knight

    “Madness, as you know is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.”

    “This is what happens when a unstoppable force meets an immovable object.”

    Curious Case of Benjamin Butom 
    “It's a funny thing about comin' home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You'll realize what's changed is you."

    “We are meant to lose the people we love.  How else would we know how important they are to us?”

    Capitalism:A Love Story
    “Human identity is no longer defined by what one does but rather by what one owns.”

    Elephant Man
    People are frightened by what they don't understand.”

    “It's human to lie. Most of the time we can't even be honest with ourselves.”

     “Every easy choice will have its consequence tomorrow.”
    “There are people who go after your humanity. They tell you that the light in your is a weakness. Don't believe it. It's an old tactic of cruel people to kill kindness in the name of virtue. There's nothing wrong with love.”

    “Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won.  There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail.  Think of it - always.”

    Some Funny Movie Quotes :

    “There’s no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?” (Airplane!)

    “My husband and I fell in love at first sight… maybe I should have taken a second look.” (Crimes and Misdemeanors)

    “If I’m not back in five minutes…wait longer.” (Ace Ventura, Pet Detective)

    "The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with."

    "The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans are suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they're okay, then it's you. "
    Inspirational Quotes:

    Allegory In Movies

    What is an Allegory?                                           

                     An allegory is something used in literature, and art to signify a meaning that is not literal. As an artistic device, an allegory is a visual symbolic representation. An example of a simple visual allegory is the image of the grim reaper. Viewers understand that the image of the grim reaper is a symbolic representation of death.

                                                         Superman, Spiderman, and Batman, for example, are all allegorical representations of the everyman. The evils they fight are the temptations to greed, to violence and to behavior that will disrupt the society.Superheroes stand as both the 'everyman' and the guardian against evil. 

    Examples of Allegory in Movies:

    Fight Club (1999) Directed by David Fincher :
     Plot : An office employee and a soap salesman build a global organization to help vent male aggression.
                               Beyond the explicit violence and dark comedy, the movie is about everything from consumerism to the contemporary perception of society's belief and values.These days Fight club has finally received the recognition it deserves as an intelligent movie.

    Memorable Quote:

    “Materialism is dangerous. It doesn't take long before the stuff that you own starts owning you.”

    Avatar(2009) Directed by James Cameron :  The  attack on the Na'vi  people in avatar  makes a perfect allegory to the real history of the oppression on Native Americans or colonial Africans or the Indochinese or the entirety of the World at the hands of the English , Spanish, and Portugese, in the name of the resources.

    District 9 Directed by Neil Blomkamp 
     Plot: An extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth suddenly finds a kindred spirit in a government agent who is exposed to their biotechnology. 

                                 Many audiences unfamiliar with South African history may not have caught the Apartheid metaphor at the first time.Science-fiction lends itself nicely to commenting on soundly real issues, and this wonderful film uses aliens as a stand-in for the minorities forced into ghettos during European rule.

     Shawshank Redemption Directed by Frank Darabont:  
                                           The Shawshank Redemption is an allegory to maintain one’s sense of self worth when placed in a hopeless situation. The entire premise of a prison theme is a metaphor.    Most of us, obey the institution then depend on it, scared to change our life-style. The human society is developing in institutionalized environment. However, we can choose redemption if we want. As Andy’s choosing, nothing can carry our right to choose redemption off even it’s so huge like the Shawshank prison.Hero or the general public, all of these are in our hearts.

    Memorable Quotes: 
    “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

    “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

                                                   These are just some few examples of allegories in movies. Allegory are represented in old literature, folk tales and in many forms of art. For people who enjoy the cinematic arts, movies can shed light on cultural and universal truths through the use of allegory.
    All good art is about something deeper than it admits.                                 

    Into The Wild - A Journey Into Self Realization


                                                       Some movies can be felt and written about. Then, there are some movies which can be felt but difficult to write about. They seep into us, slowly get inside the veins and touches the heart. Watching the movie then becomes an experience, like meditation or hypnotism. A strong emotional bonding forms with the characters and we get involved.

                                                    Into the Wild by Sean Penn (Screenplay and Direction) happened to be one of such movies. It’s based on a true story which was published as a book by the same title written by Jon Krakauer. If you are a serious cinema lover and you have not seen Into the Wild, you are missing something. Add it to your list now.

                                                          Based on the true story of 22 year-old Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) , who gives his entire savings to charity after graduation, and begins his journey and great adventure into the wild. Chris believes that he can live off the land and that he doesn't need any money to do that. He has a goal of testing himself to the fullest by heading into the wilds of Alaska and surviving alone.

                                                     It took, Chris about two years to finally make it to Alaska, and along the way he meets a series of colorful people that he had never before encountered through his privileged life. Once in Alaska, Chris must battle for his life against the harsh reality of nature in an abandoned bus.While Chris was in the "bus" the movie takes us back and forth in time and explains his dysfunctional family life and his earlier travels during his last two-years.


                                                      Into the wild is not racy like other wild adventure movies, but a slow and sublime narrative, visually stunning.  Sean Penn as a director does poetic justice to the book and pays an apt homage to the spirit of freedom. In fact, at one point in the movie actor Hirsch and character McCandless merge seamlessly and it is impossible to believe that it’s ‘acting.’ 
                                                     This movie should be watched with the mind set free, for a moment , from, ATM machines and the internet, to think about the choice which life gives us, either to succumb to a life of responsibilities, routine work, and social bondage or simply to a life ………………into the wild.

    Memorable Quotes:

    “If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed.”

    “Happiness only real when shared.”

    “I think careers are a 20th  century  invention.”

    Into The Wild-Imdb 

    Inspirational Short Films

     Lead India
                   How often do we, Indians complain about things that we feel we cannot change, like heavy traffic, and insensitive people. But are we really that helpless against these “global problems”?
    This video might remind us that Sometimes to make a big change in the world, it takes one person, who cares.
                  It is about one small boy’s initiative to remove a tree that was causing a traffic jam in a street in India. The boy knew full well that he could not do it by himself, yet it did not stop him from trying.
                           Lead India, a campaign created by the Mumbai office of ad agency  for the Times of India, took the grand prix prize with this video at a Cannes Lions ceremony in Cannes in 2009.
                      Mahatma Gandhi said, Be the change you want to see in the world”.  This statement might ring true when you watch this inspirational video.

     The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun

                                    Want a snapshot look at some ideas that could turn your life on its head (in a very positive way)? Then watch The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun. 

                                    The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun is a wonderful Flash animation, full of Wisdom and useful tips for breaking out  and trying a different approach to life.It's short, and absolutely nails some important points. 

    Stress often comes from focusing on what makes you feel BAD; your fears and limiting beliefs. Understanding this, why not focus on what makes you feel GOOD? Fun is a great counter-balance to stress…for both your mental and physical well-being.

     Know what works for ur fun..........and take the time to have fun as often as possible.

    Interesting Movie Facts

                     Indians go out to the movies 3 billion times a year - much more than any other nation.

                              India's movie industry, is the largest in the world producing over eight hundred movies a year. Hollywood only produces half of this number in a year.

                              After Jaws’ , Steven Spielberg desperately wanted to direct a James Bond film. He approached the producers. They said no.

                              King Kong(1933) was Adolf Hitler's favorite movie.

                     There are 1500 cuts in the film "300", and about 1300 involve some sort of visual effect. 

              Bruce Lee was so fast, that they actually had to slow a film down so you could see his moves. 

              Even though Zuckerberg is against the film Social Network, he still allows the movie to have a    Facebook Fan page. 

             In the sci-fi thriller The Matrix, Sean Connery was originally offered the role of Morpheus. He turned down the role saying he couldn't understand the script. 

           Will smith was offered the role of Neo in The Matrix, one of the most influential films of all time, and turned it down.

    What The Stars Did First 

    Harrison Ford  -  Carpenter
     Madonna        - worked at Dunkin' Donuts.
    Charlie Chaplin - janitor. 
    Arnold Schwarzenegger - ran a body-building company. 
    James Cameron    -   Truck Driver.
    Pierce Brosnan -    circus fire-eater. 
    Al Pacino  -   Theater door-keeper.
    Walt Disney  –    Ambulance driver .
    Marlon Brando  – Ditch Digger.
    Nicolas Cage  –    Sold popcorn at a movie theater  
    Vin Diesel  –     Bouncer .
    Tom Cruise  -   Bellboy. 

    Few Funny Facts Indian movies taught us:

    1. At least one of the identical twins is born evil!

    2. If you decide to defuse a bomb, don’t worry which wire to cut, you will always choose the right one!

    3. A man will show no pain while taking the most ferocious beating, but will shout when a woman tries to clean his wounds.

    4. A detective can solve a case only if he has been suspended from duty.

    5. If you start dancing in street, everyone you meet will know all the steps.  

    Andy Serkis: The Man Behind the Mask


                                     Andy Serkis has had quite the prolific career as a motion-capture actor. Perhaps most famous for playing Gollum in Lord of the Rings (as well as the upcoming The Hobbit), he’s also taken turns as Kong in King Kong, most recently, the ape Ceasar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and captain Haddock in Adventures of Tintin.

                                              He is an impressive character actor with over 50 stage, television, and film credits.The 47-year-old Londoner has made a spectacular career out of crawling around in front of a green screen.He performs in a suit covered in reflectors that were tracked by a computer-driven camera. Animation was then superimposed over his movement, producing one of the most realistic computer-generated images in modern cinema.


                                              Now, Serkis is speaking out about the lack of respect his profession is paid in the awards circuit, saying that actors who perform under motion-capture are just as deserving of Academy Awards as their live-action counterparts. He was ruled ineligible for best supporting actor nomination at 2003 academy awards because his character, Gollum in Lord of the rings onscreen was computer animated.
                                            Serkis, for a decade of work exploring and expanding the possibilities of motion capture performance, deserves official recognition for his role in the technology, and for his roles as an actor.

    Andy Serkis-Imdb 

    Hollywood Movie News

                            Upcoming Great Movies


             Hugo, concerns a 12-year-old orphan who lives in the walls of a Paris train station in 1930 and a mystery involving the boy, his late father and a robot.
             This is director Martin Scorsese's  first PG-film in 18 years. 
             Martin Scorsese's first feature film in seven years not starring Leonardo DiCaprio. 

                            After a screening of this film James Cameron, told Hugo was a “masterpiece.” He added, “finally there is a Scorsese film I can take my kids to.” And Cameron also told Scorsese it was the best use of 3D he had seen, including his own films. 


    Django Unchained
     Director: Quentin Tarantino
          With the help of his mentor, a slave-turned-bounty hunter sets out to rescue his wife from the brutal Calvin Candie, a Mississippi plantation owner. 

    This will be the first film role were Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing a negative role.

    The Star-studded cast includes: Joseph-gordon levitt(500 days of summer), Christoph waltz (Inglorious Basterds), Samuel Jackson, Kurt rusell and Jamie Foxx.

    Django Unchained- Imdb

    Zack Snyder Director of 300, Dawn of dead, and Watchmen is directing the Superman movie(Man of Steel)

    Tintin's sequel(The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun is to be directed by Peter Jackson.

    Ridley Scott(director: Alien, Gladiator) is doing a alien movie named Prometheus.
    Cast: Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy pearce.

    James Cameron is gathering a team of engineers to build a submersible that can visit the Pacific’s Mariana Trench, the ocean’s deepest point, to gather footage for the sequel to his blockbuster 2009 movie Avatar.Only one other team has ever visited the Mariana Trench(in 1960).

    Total Recall(1990), Arnold starer is being remade with Colin Farell under the same title.

    Steven Spielberg is doing a  sci-fi story set in the aftermath of a robot uprising named as Robopocalypse. Spielberg is also directing a biography picture about Abraham Lincoln.

    Korean director(A bittersweet life, The Good ,Bad, The Weird) is directing a movie named The Last Stand Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Forest Whitaker(Last King of Scotland).

    Making The Movie: Film Production

                                         A movie typically goes through three phases:production, distribution, exhibition. A group or company makes the film, a distribution rents to theater chains, and local theaters exhibit the film. The whole system depends on movies to circulate, so consider the process of production. Most films goes through four phases:

    1.Scriptwriting  and funding. The idea for a film is developed and a screenplay is written. The filmmaker also acquire financial support.
    2.Preparation for filming.Once a script is more or less complete and at least some funding  is  assured, the filmmakers plan the physical production .
    3.Shooting   The filmmakers create the film's image and sounds.
    4.Assembly.   The images and sounds are combined in their final form. This involves cutting  picture and sound, executing special effects, inserting music or extra dialogue, and adding titles.

                                           The phases can overlap. Filmmakers may be scrambling for funding while shooting and assembling the film, and some assembly is usually taking place during filming. In addition, each stages modifies what went before. The script's presentation of the action may be drastically changed in shooting: and the material that is shot takes on new significance in process of assembly.

                                          These phases include many particular jobs. Most films we see in theaters culminate from dozens of specialized tasks carried out by hundreds of experts. This fine division of labor has proved to be reliable way to prepare, shoot, and assemble large-budget movies.

    As French Director Robert Bresson Puts it "A film is born in my head and i kill it on paper. It is brought back to life by the actors and then killed in the camera. It is then resurrected into a third and final life in the editing room where the dismembered pieces are assembles into their finished form."

    Some Basic Movie Terms:


          The order and arrangement of story events as they appear in a given film.
    Aspect Ratio
            Term designating the dimensions of the film frame or screen image. Aspect ratio is typically expressed in units of width to height.
          A type or category of films such as a musical, or horror film that follow a set of visual pattern that are unique within the genre.
    Low Angle
           Camera angle usually below the eye level of performers in a scene.
    Jump Cut
             Method of editing which produces discontinuity by leaving out portions of action.
    Method Acting
              An approach to screen performance in which the actor seeks to portray a character by using personal experience and emotion as a foundation for the portrayal.

    Film As Art: Business, and Creativity


                                                        Film is a young medium, atleast compared to other media. Painting,literature, and theater have existed for thousand's of years, but film came into existence only a little more than a century ago.Yet in this fairly short span, the newcomer  has established its powerful art form.
                                                        But this art has some unusual features. More than most arts, film depends on complex technology. Without machines, movies wouldn't move, and  film-makers would have no tools.In addition, film art usually requires collaboration among many participants. Films are not only created but produced.Just as important, they are firmly tied to their social and economic context.Films are distributed and exhibited for audiences, and money matters at every step.

                                                        Films are designed to have effects on viewers. Film offers ways of seeing and feeling that we find deeply gratifying. A film takes us on a journey, offering a patterned experience that engages our minds and emotions. The men and women who made these films discovered that they could control aspects of cinema to give their audience richer, more engaging experiences.

    Art and Entertainment

                                                       The origins of cinema suggests that some common ways of talking won't help us much in understanding film. Take the distinction between art and entertainment. Some people would say that blockbusters playing at the multiplex are merely "entertainment," while films for a narrower public--perhaps independent films, or festival fare--are true art. Cinema is an art because it offers film-makers ways to design experience for viewers, and those experiences can be valuable regardless of their origin.Films for audiences both small and large belong to that very inclusive art we call Cinema.

    Art and Business 

                                                        Sometimes, people treat film art as opposed to film as business. This split is related to the issue of entertainment, since entertainment generally is sold to a mass audience. Again however,in,modern societies, no art is free of economic ties. Novels good, or bad are published because publishers expect to sell them. Films are no different. The crucial point is that considerations of money don't necessarily make a artist any less creative or the project any less worthwhile.

                                                      Similarly we don't think that film art rises above commercial demands, but we also won't assume that money rules everything. Any art form offers a vast range of creative possibilities. The basic assumption is that as an art, film offers experiences that viewers find worthwhile--diverting, provocative, puzzling or rapturous.

    "There are two kinds of directors:those who have the public in mind when they conceive and make their films, and those who don't consider the public at all.For the former, cinema is an art of spectacle; for the later, it is an individual adventure. There is nothing intrinsically better about one or the other; it's simply a  matter of different approaches."

                                                            - Francois Truffaut, Director,(400 blows)