Run Lola Run - Spellbinding Thill Ride

                                IF only!!! is a phrase that we often use in our life. If only i had been born in USA, I would have been a millionaire. IF only i had been....... options are unlimited aren't they? This is the string behind this amazing German movie called Run Lola Run

                                Movie is a form of art, a medium of philosophy aptly mixed with an ample dose of entertainment. But the later part always projects up, leaving you with same cliched story. But, once in a while comes a film so original and refreshing that it gives you hope in cinema again despite the countless crap movies that are also produced. "Lola Rennt", is one of them. It proves that movies could be artistic, thoughtful and yet highly entertaining. Every tick of the 81 minutes in "Run Lola Run" is pounding with kinetic energy and adrenaline.

    Like so many crises, it begins with a panicked phone call. Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu), a courier for a powerful drug dealer, calls his girlfriend, Lola (Franka Potente), because he has just lost 100,000 deutsche marks that he must deliver to the dealer in 20 minutes. If he doesn't show up with the money, he's knows that he will be killed. He contemplates robbing a grocery store across the street, but Lola begs him not to do it. Just wait, she tells him, because she will somehow get 100,000 marks and meet him in 20 minutes. 

                    And there begins the strange, odyssey of  this  fast-paced movie. Director Tykwer sets up his premise in the first 15 minutes, and for the next hour he shows Lola's 20-minute journey to save Manni three times. Each time, there are small, subtle changes that make the outcomes completely different.

             Tom Tykwer's direction is relentless, creative and completely absorbing. He takes the kind of music video techniques that have become the tiresome hallmark of American action movies and reinvents them, continually cutting every scene with different camera angles. Cinematographer, Frank Griebe, filmed "Run Lola Run" in a visually arresting manner that suits its hyperactive character. The film is scored with pounding techno music, which makes it even more upbeat and exciting. Franka Potente, surely makes a huge impact in this movie. Good acting and great running by her. 

                   Chaos theory in particular seems to be the main concern here. It shows that every little decision and event in life has repercussions upon everything. Hence, the film's gallery of colorful characters have different fates depending of what Lola does in these 20 minutes.

                    We could take the central image of a young girl racing through the busy streets of Berlin as a symbol of our panicked, rushed modern lives, and the movie shows with great clarity just how monumental is our every move. 

                   Watch "Run Lola Run", because this film is more alive in any given minute than many movies are in their whole length. 



anatreek said...

I've seen a tamil movie called 12B which has a similar I know where they got it from :)

vinay said...

Interesting...Thanks for sharing. :)

Arun Kumar said...

@Ana_treek, 12B was from a polish movie, 'Blind chance,' where the guy misses a train and three variation follows.

@Vinay, Thanks for the comment.

Deepak Karthik said...

As Ana said:) 12B is similar movie to this... BUT run lola Run is pretty different i must add and yet difficult yo cope up with:)
Run Lolaaaaaaaa RUN :D

roopz said...

I have watched it...Superb movie it is...

village girl

Mak said...

Goes in my 'TBW - to be watched' list. Thank you

Arun Kumar said...

@Deepak, Thanks for your comment

@Roopz, Thanks for your comment.

@Mak,Thank you. Give your opinion after watching the movie.

Khoty Mathur said...

Your review once again makes me want to watch the movie. Where do you discover these movies? Never mind - just keep the reviews coming.

Vetirmagal said...

Very nice movie indeed.

Arun Kumar said...

@KayEm, Thanks for your comment and do watch the movie.

@Vetrimagal, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's a brilliant movie! Thanks for reminding me of it. Had seen it many years ago in chennai.

Defiant said...

I saw this movie! And, its one of my fav. :) And, i love the way you described it :)

Arun Kumar said...

@deysaid, Thanks for your comment.

@Madhu Mathi, yeah, a great movie and thanks for the comment.