The Cabin In The Woods - A Redefined Horror And Slasher Movie

                             A group of teenagers heads for a trip to a remote cabin in the woods, looking to have a good time. You might have heard this story line for all kinds of slasher thrillers. The Cabin In The Woods is a horror movie, a slasher movie, so we know exactly, what's going to happen, right? The answer is 'No,' because the basic horror movie foundation is filled here with tricks, twists, and surprises.

                           It has a working knowledge of all the nightmares, and the more you know about horror movies, the more rewarding you will find the film. But even if you hate horror movies, you are still in for a treat. Let's just say that if you like cleverly twisted spins and if you have a strong stomach for flying body parts, then this will be your funny, entertaining horror movie.

       The movie starts with a funny prelude, where two industrial office managers (Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins) in ties and short-sleeve shirts whine about work in a nameless corporate complex. As they annoy each other, the title of the film blasts on the screen. Then, it takes us to the conventional story about a group of young adults -- Curt (Chris Hemsworth), the stud, his hot girlfriend Jules (Anna Hutchison), Dana (Kristen Connolly), the good girl , Marty (Fran Kranz), the goofball stoner, and Holden (Jesse Williams), the brainy guy.

                Meanwhile, Hadley (Bradley Whitford) and Sitterson (Richard Jenkins) work, along with Lin (Amy Acker) in what looks like a lab or warehouse, but it turns out to be a............well, can't really say what they are doing, or what happens in for the rest of story. The fun of watching this movie really starts there, slowly a bigger plan evolves, saying what it's all about. 

               Cabin In The Woods was delayed two years due to the financial trouble MGM. It was filmed in 2009. Usually when a film is shelved it's seen as a bad sign, but the brilliant deconstruction of the genre, shows what intelligence and invention can bring to the otherwise middling scary movie. It might look unconventional, once you think about the movie, but it's a rare kind of horror movie that surpasses the genre's requirement, and it destroys the cliches.

               Like Wes Craven's Scream (1996), the screenplay by Joss Whedon and Goddard, piles on craziness with gleeful wildness. They provide a set-piece that brings together every great franchise reference they can with enough blood to satisfy even the biggest gore-hound. Whedon and Goddard have also excelled in taking the old formulas and reconfiguring them for a post-modern generation. Goddard have really worked so hard to appease our base appetites for destruction. 

               In 'Cabin In The Woods,' the horror has a order, it's controlled. So, when true chaos arrives, in the last part of the film,  to scatter that order, horror fans everywhere will break into a wicked grin. The movie seeks out every possible source of fear the genre has to offer. It has few good scares, plenty of gore, and cleverness, although it sometimes falls on hackneyed conventions, like the last minute cameo to literally explain everything we’ve been seeing. 

              From the hilarious opening sequence to the breathtaking final image, 'Cabin In The Woods' gives us a new experience, a experience every horror movie fan will savor. 


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Raghav said...

Thanks for not spoiling the plot. Cheers!

Haricharan Pudipeddi said...

I've just start downloading this movie :) Will watch and come back with a comment

Vinita Apte said...

I saw the Movie after reading your post. It is scary and unique in its own way.

I enjoyed it...
Lazy Pineapple

Meoww said...

Ohhh... mmm. So, not the average horror movie. Youve just enticed me to watch it! Will do :)

Meoww said...

Hi Arun, i enjoy your movie reviews.
Thats why i have tagged you. It is a game where bloggers answer few questions and share their thoughts on blogging. Please visit for the rules and have fun! Keep blogging :)

Akshy said...

I liked the movie:).Was a different attempt:).But i didn't find the ending very convincing:).

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed the movie,.. I was like screaming while covering my eyes and ears... i was totally scared!

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x said...

A lot of people who saw the movie didn't exactly get the joke, and thought it was your run of the mill slasher. Good to see a movie reviewer has it spot on.