American History X - Shockingly Powerful

                                                  American History X is clearly a controversial film dealing with the social topic of racism. The interesting thing about this film is the way in which the subject is presented. The film dares to address America's neo-Nazi culture, with a brutal honesty. 
                                                   Racism is always a difficult subject to deal, but  American History X presents it without any reservations. Secondly, Derek Vinyard(Edward norton), is not an unintelligent  racist as films often portray them, but is in fact well-spoken, charismatic and bright, although he clearly holds ideals that are terribly wrong. Finally, it shows that it is not the white, who are fools for being involved in this, but all those who hold hatred in their hearts. 

     Derek Vinyard(Edward Norton), a frustrated Neo-Nazi forms a racist group, D.O.C. After killing brutally murdering two black men he is sent to prison for 3 years, he is only charged with manslaughter as his brother, the only witness does not testify.
                        In the outside world however , Danny , younger brother is following in Derek's footsteps. In jail, Derek realizes the error of his white supremacist ways and comes home determined to rescue Danny. And so the story unfolds, with a gripping first-person narrative.

                                          ''American History X'' has enough fiery acting cast to make its impact felt. Edward Norton gives a electrifying performance, as a hate-mongering Neo-Nazi. The British director, Tony Kaye, have worked with style and control. He uses black and white to show the recent past, and color to show the 24-hour period after Derek is released from prison. 

                                         American History X gives a strong view of how the teachings of parents, friends and the laws of our government can negatively affect, confuse, and frustrate the youth in today's society.  Hurting people and destroying property does not solve problems, but only makes them worse by causing more resentment and tension between people. Good things come out of situations where people show hospitality, good will, and compassion; not hatred. 
                                        Why we hate a race or a community?, because we want to blame someone else for our misfortunes. We are not born with hatred; it is a learned behavior. I'd like to finish with a apt quote, from the movie:

"Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it."


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Vishal Kataria said...

Very true. Maybe a movie like this should be made for India too. But, considering the political clout and how sensitive some religions are, it's highly unlikely such a project will see the light of day in India.

Jayanth said...

this is one movie that ripped my gut out! as you said, shockingly powerful

Akshy said...

Excellent movie:).Edward norton gives one of his best performances:).