Five Years of Movie Blogging

                                        It’s the fifth anniversary for my blog (wrote the first post on Nov. 3rd, 2011). Why did I choose to write about movies? That’s simple to answer because movies (and books) are the most valuable things in my life. It’s passion or may be an addiction. Anyway, the real reason why I started a blog is because I thought, as an obsessed cinephile, I can easily cover everything that’s relevant to experience cinema. I mean exciting trivia, movie dialogues, names of the directors, actors to cinematographers are embedded imprinted in my than a friend’s mobile no. If there’s one thing I have learned in these five years of blogging (and 800+ blog posts), it is that I know little about movie analysis. And, I know very little about this majestic medium called ‘cinema’. I am not writing this particular post to proclaim that these five years of movie blogging is an achievement. This day just tells me ‘you still have a lot to learn & improve’. At times, I do possess an overbearing sense of pride when thinking about those felicitating comments I received for my writing. But, then there’s many out there analyzing movies in a less muddled & more efficient manner than me. I am just a student getting educated about language of cinema. 

                                       From a statistical point of view, I must say I have failed with this blog and with our other (where we have covered diverse range of topics, from world politics to self-improvement to cinema). I could lament about the poor response despite following the SEO tips given out there. I could say that the Indians don’t care about reading than the people from US & UK (at least 60 of those clicking the link are from one of the two countries).  I could definitely feel annoyed at how some idiotic write-ups, in the name of movie review or informative article, gets better hits than mine. Yes, I do feel bad when the blog-post I published after spending 3 to 5 hours at writing gets less than 100 views. But, wallowing in misery for a failed (in terms of views) blog-post is I think the worst thing you can do in blogging. Those with the strongest passion for any specific form of writing couldn’t remain dispirited by the lack of readers. Most of the bloggers, write for themselves. They find joy in excavating & expressing their thoughts. Any way, there are scientists and film-makers who have faced epic failures and still move forward on their destined path. I am merely a blogger. The poor blog or site traffic only insinuates me to write more. I am not saying that I don’t feel insecure about how very few seriously take my writing (many are like ‘you write about movies? so what?' which is understandable) But those feelings of insecurity only provoke me to write more and a little better. 

                                   My biggest dream is to make a film or publish a book (a fiction) and smallest dream is to become an enlightening film scholar. I certainly feel that these 5 years has put me on the right path to reach some of those dreams. The vital reason for writing about my blogging journey is to thank the eager cinephile visitors. Their comments have served as the much-needed morale boost. If I could consider something like an achievement in blogging it is gaining new friends. I am skeptical about social media and its alleged ‘connection’. But the new cinephile friends have blasted a great part of my skepticism. So, thanks to that big list of friends who all share my passion for movies. Finally I got to thank my great friend Joe Antony. He made me a part of his site ‘Creofire’ and encouraged me to write on various topics (apart from movies). A week without having a long chat with him about the world of cinema and books feels too mundane.  

                             One of my most favorite critic Mr. Baradwaj Rangan said in an interview, “With books, people might hesitate before opining on poetry or something difficult, but with films, everyone is an expert; everyone talks freely about “how great the cinematography is” and — more bafflingly — “how good the editing is”, as though they were present in the room when the editor was choosing from takes. And a lot of this comes from the fact that people don’t take films seriously. I have seen people asking newbies to review films — it’s as if anyone can do it. And that attitude sticks.” I have been one of those who thought that anyone can analyze a film. It’s so easy. Now I have learned how much effort you need to put in before claiming yourself as a critic or film scholar. I hope, this blogging journey flourishes, and one day I will develop a definitive voice through writing.  

Thanks once again my friends and visitors for connecting with & acknowledging my ‘passion for movies’.

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Nirav said...

Many many congratulations on completing five gracious years , Mr. Arun .

I am a regular reader of your precious blog , but couldn't make comments often ! [ as blogspot & wordpress are way different mediums to make quick comments - yes i blog too on wordpress & in the same joner as of yours ~ MOVIES! ]

Your thorough & insightful take on each movies [thus reflects in each post] inspires me in every manner . I am following almost 300+ movie blogs but only some are as rich as your blog in sense of writing & understanding . Keep writing & keep digging into the world of cinema .

Nirav .

Arun Kumar said...

Thanks a lot Nirav. I am very glad to have such regular readers like you. Keep on watching movies and share your views.

Ranjana's craft blog said...

Congrats...Keep going.
From many years I'm following your blog, but hardly commented. But I read most of the reviews. Appreciate you passion for movies. Wish all your dreams come true.

Arun Kumar said...

@Ranjana's craft blog, Thank you very much for the morale-boosting comment. Keep on visiting my blog.

Funny Gypsy said...

HI Arun! I love your blog too! I just returned to my languishing blog after a 3 year hiatus and was pleasantly surprised to see you are still a regular blogger! Believe we started around the same time. Kudos to you for staying consistent for 5 years.

I think you need to be more optimistic about your future as you have to remember that you cover a very niche sector - GOOD movies that are followed by cinephiles. I hate to sound like a marketing consultant but your success is likely to be with a very special audience that appreciates such movies (unlike what the majority of the junta in India watches). I'd suggest marketing to that audience e.g. forums, etc.

Good luck!

Arun Kumar said...

@Funny Gypsy, Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. Some of the comments from the regular readers of my blog have infused a lot of optimism. Yes, i will work in marketing this heavy contents. And you keep on blogging too. Your recent blog post about the 'US experiences' was good.

Pranju chakrapani said...

Your smallest dream, Arun, is bigger than your biggest dream given how easy it is to publish books and release short films through Youtube. All the best. I can say that I do read your works when I have time.

The thing is that what you write requires time to sink in the information unlike the half baked fluffy articles written by others. I am only inspired by your consistency. Keep up blogging.

Arun Kumar said...

Thanks for your encouraging words Mr. Pranju Chakrapani. I often visit your blog too ( And, most of the time your perspectives on wide variety of topics aligns with mine.