The Descendants - Trouble In The Paradise

                            "The grief of parting and the agony of separation are the way of the world." says a proverb. The movie Descendants takes on the challenging subject of loss which can be seen as the dominant experience of our times. In the course of our lives, we have to give up and let go of much that we have loved. This involves large doses of pain but also can be the source of incredible growth and gain. It's an emotionally rich film that blends serious drama with many comic moments. The movie has George Clooney, who gives the finest, truest and most emotionally raw performance of his career.

      Based on the 2007 novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings, THE DESCENDANTS tells of a real estate lawyer(in Hawaii, Matt King (Clooney), facing a crossroads in an otherwise comfortable, detached life. His wife lies in a coma after a freak boating accident, just as he prepares to sign off on the family’s substantial spread of unspoiled land for rich development. Don't worry Descendants isn't a when is she going to wake up? kind of movie. It's more like If she dies, what are we gonna do? kind of movie.
                  We refers to Matt and his two daughters. Matt's level-headed 17-year-old daughter, Alex (Shailene Woodley), then drops another bombshell: Mum was having an affair before the accident. Suddenly, the “back-up parent, the understudy” dad has to wake up and ask awkward, tough questions – not to mention become a hands-on parent for the first time.
          George Clooney , often hailed as one of the sexiest men alive, sheds the movie star image in a transformation to a guy in his 50s with graying hair and declining shoulders. He's no ladykiller. He's a father and husband who has failed in both roles and is trying to find his way. This ranks among Clooney's best performances because it's not flashy. He gives a pitch-perfect performance as a man awakened, for the first time in years, by the immensity of his loss. He has already won a golden globe and now nominated for Oscars too.
            Alexander Payne, who is the director and writer for the movie , takes a remarkable approach, by letting things play out leisurely. He captures the complexity of emotional reactions that grief stirs. The facts of what we see in front of us -- privileged family, tragic accident, multimillion dollar real-estate deal looming -- would suggest something far removed from real life for most of us. Payne's triumph is making it relatable to everyone. Payne has also picked up a stellar cast , who greatly assists Clooney. The supporting cast has a rebellious teenager, Alexandra, her nutty boy-friend Sid, and a irritating grand-dad. 

                                There aren’t any huge surprises about where “The Descendants” is going. So how much you like it will largely be a question of whether you enjoy getting there at Payne’s leisurely pace.The pace of the movie , only helps to deepen the film's intimate power. The incorporation of humor into the narrative allows viewers to experience sadness without drowning in it.   
                               To sum up, The Descendants is a grown-up, perceptive, funny film about family and responsibility, subjects rarely covered in movies except in cliched manner. If u want a movie for entertainment this isn't the one. But, if u want a movie to really connect with? then Descendants is damn perfect. 

Trailer : 

The trailer is a bit mis-leading , which plays up the film's slapstick elements.


Anonymous said...

nice review and will watch it for george

Unknown said...

not sure but heard from friends that this movie was not worth a watch but after reading the review here .. now i understood why friends didn't encourage to watch this movie....